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If we want to turn off the computer, usually through the facilities Shutdown Turn Off or accessible through the usual Start - Turn Off Computer. There is one that allows the tips we can turn off the computer and quickly, faster than the normal booting process, Shutdown or Turn Off. Windows XP has a facility called Hibernate. We enable them to live alone.

At the time of the computer work that is being processed data stored in memory. Hibernate is a technology where the computer is turned off when the data in the memory 'moved' to the hard drive. If a time machine back then switched data dihardisk who have 'returned' to the memory. The effect the process of light (booting) and take off the computer quickly because the computer does not retrieve data from hard drives, but from memory.

Other functions of Hibernate is the computer will display the latest applications that are run when the computer is turned off. For example, when we want to turn off the computer via Hibernate, at the time an application is running ie Winamp. Now when the computer switched on again, Winamp application is still open, just more practical?

How to enable Hibernate facilities are as follows:

* Right-click the desktop and select Properties
* Click the Screen Saver tab and then click the Power ...
* Click the Hibernate tab. Ceklis marked on the option Enable hibernation. If you have, click OK

If we want to turn off the computer, click Start - Turn Off Computer. Once the box appears, press the Shift key. Note the picture with any posts akan Stand by changes to Hibernate. Click the button and the computer will die more quickly. When we turn the computer back, booting process will run faster than usual.

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