Adding Virtual Memory via FlashDisk to Speed up Computer

The bigger Capacity of memory / RAM can improve the performance of the computer. If you feel your memory capacity / RAM available to low, you can add them from the flash disk device. How to add virtual memory via Flash Disk? Adding memory capacity / RAM with a flash is often called the term Virtual Memory.

Virtual memory is an 'additional memory' to anticipate if the data in memory / RAM is used all.

To adding virtual memory via Flash Disk, your motherboard should support of USB 2.0, because if use USB 1.0 then the results obtained so less visible.

Here is The way to add virtual memory via Flash disk:

* Plug FD to computer
* Right click on My Computer and select Properties
* Click the Advanced tab, then click the Settings button on the Performance
* In the window that appears, click the Advanced tab and click on the Change button on the Virtual memory
* Select the drive C, and then select the No paging file. Next, click the Set button
* Select your FD drive (eg drive F), usually given the name of the Removable disk if you do not give the name of the flash disk. Then select System managed size, and proceed by clicking the Set button
* See Total paging file size for All drives box. The Recommended values must not exceed the capacity of FD capacity.
* If more then you can enter the 'total value' of flash capacity (click the option in the Custom Size then in Initial Size and Maximum Size fill with a total value of the capacity of FD). You must be leaving 5 - 6 Mb. This is a requirement of Windows XP itself. If you have done, click the Set
* Click OK then Restart the computer.

Hopefully usefull.
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