Computer Hardware : Processing Device

On a personal computer, processing unit is the part that serves to run the computing process. There are some parts that perform this task, namely the power supply, memory (RAM), VGA (Graphic Processing Unit), processor (central processing unit), and the motherboard (mainboard).

Power Supply

Power supply providing electric current to various devices CPU. Power supply converting electricity and provide power to use by the computer. Power Supply quality determine the quality of the computer's performance. If computer only used for standard application, there is need about 300-400 watt. But, if computer use lots of peripherals, it should use 400-500 watts power supply.

Memory / RAM (Random Access Memory)

Memory or RAM is a computer hardware device that serves as a temporary data storage. Memory works by storing and supplying the necessary data required by the fast processor to be processed into information.

Graphic Processing Unit / VGA Card

Graphics card, or video card is an expansion card that serves to create and display on-screen displays. This graphics card consists of a series of electronic components. Usually embedded in the CPU slot on the main board on the computer. Some graphics cards offer other functions, such as video capture, and an adapter for a TV tuner, describes MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, FireWire, and connect to multiple screens. Some companies that make graphics cards are well known among other ATI, Matrox, and NVIDIA.

Processor / CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Processor usually named as CPU (Central Processing Unit), is the brain of the computer. The processor is the component that executes complex calculations that allow computers to be used to surf, play a song in iTunes, and run your operating system.

Motherboard / Mainboard

Motherboard or main board is the circuit board where a variety of electronic components are connected. On motherboard, hardware such as hard drive, ram, processor, graphics card, and other hardware devices connected. Motherboards are mostly found in the market today is the PC's motherboard which was first made ​​with the base in order to fit the specifications of the IBM PC.

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  1. I think this information gives us the basic information various computer hardware parts of central precessing unit and central precessing unit is the heart of whole computer.

  2. Motherboard is a basic main part of computer it contains various parts like various memory slots graphic cards.



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