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Input Devices serves as a medium for loading data from the outside to a memory and processor. Then the data be processed to produce the required information. Input devices or input unit that is commonly used by a personal computer (PC) is a keyboard and mouse, the unit that links the user (users) with the computer. In addition, there is another input device such as a joystick (which is used for playing games), scanner (to take pictures as digital images that can later be manipulated), and Microphone (to record the sound into the computer)

a. Keyboard

Keyboard is the most important inputter units for data processing. Keyboard use to input letters, numbers, special characters as well as a medium for the user (users) to perform other commands are required, such as saving files and opening files. The creation of a computer keyboard comes from the typewriter models which are created and patented by Christopher Latham in 1868, and in 1887 produced and marketed by the Remington company.

The keyboard used today is the QWERTY type, in 1973, that was unveiled as a keyboard standard ISO (International Standards Organization). Number of keys on the keyboard consists of 104 keys. The keyboard now that we know has some kind of port, namely port serial, ps2, usb and wireless.

b. Mouse

Mouse is one of the input unit (input device). The function of this tool is to move a pointer or cursor quickly. In addition, orders can be as practical and faster than with a keyboard. Mouse began to be used optimally since the operating system has been based GUI (Graphical User Interface). electrical signals as a mouse input device is generated by a small ball inside the mouse, according to the shifting or movement. Most of the mouse consists of three buttons, two buttons are generally only used the left button and right button.

Currently the mouse is also equipped with rollers button (scroll), where the location of this button is located in the middle. The term suppression is called by clicking the left button (Click) where the emphasis is going to function when the mouse is on a designated object, but if not at a designated object of this emphasis will be ignored. In addition there are other terms that are called by dragging (drag) is pressing the left mouse button without releasing it with while being moved. This drag will cause the object to be moved or copied to other objects and other possibilities. The emphasis of the left mouse button twice quickly and regularly referred to as double-click (double click) while pressing the right mouse button once called by right-clicking (right click) Mouse port is composed of several serial mouse, mouse ps / 2, usb and wireless .
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