PC and Troubleshooting

Computers, like any other electronic devices may break and require troubleshooting. A computer is made of electrical components which can be faulty, but also software that can cause errors computer software that type have nothing to do with a defective cards or components of the computer.

The first step in troubleshooting computer of a PC is to find if the problem is physical or software. Of course if the power is turned on the PC does not display lights or computer housing are not illuminated, it is certainly a problem of power and therefore physical.

If the computer starts but crashes, freezes, reboots, or loses the display, it can be a problem software or hardware. The wrong driver for a device, a virus or defective memory can cause this. A bad sector unreadable on the hard drive can slow down and even freeze a computer, if the affected file is a driver or other critical file.

The slowdown of a computer is often a problem of infection by a virus, the available space on the hard disk is too small, a card that was added to the PC is incompatible or is resource conflict with another device the computer. It is rarely a problem as a card that died.

The type of IDE devices such as hard disks, CD or DVD may give the impression that the computer is frozen or very slow. The access of computer components that are standard IDE hard as playing a bad sector on a hard drive or play a DVD that is not legible will cause failures, hesitations ... I saw DVDs that prevented the PC to start if you left it.

Some computer problems are not constant. The computer is well and suddenly it closes this as a power outage. You check that everything is connected and try again, so good ... then later, he closes it again. So an intermittent problem.

The intermittent problems are difficult to isolate. I've seen computers that do not cause problems once a week, it is hard to find the room or software fault. We need to evaluate the frequency of an intermittent problem, as the computer freezes within an hour of use. Once the frequency determined, we change parts to see if the problem is enough. If there is enough room on the alleged calls to see if the PC freezes again to be on.

Naturally for computers that have problems once in use, check for viruses or adware that can infect your PC. For problems with software in particular, the designers have a site and a troubleshooting section for their programs. Updates settle 99% of software problems.

We must therefore begin by determining whether the problem is a hardware or software. If the problem is intermittent PC, there is a statistical frequency of the problem and then try to determine the source. A check of free disk space and the presence of viruses or adware should be made periodically.

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