An Ultra-portable ultra-cheap Laptop

Here is without doubt the ultra-portable cheapest market: NB0700 does not cost a small effect that 98 dollars!

At this rate, do not ask for the moon: the laptop's manufacturer Chinese HiVision is not a lightning war with its processor at 400 Mhz, which will be unable to run Windows.

For the rest, the device has 64 megabytes of RAM, WiFi, an Ethernet port, three USB ports, 1 GB of storage, a port SDHC and a 7-inch screen. For the asking price, it is already not so bad!

HiVision also offers NB0800, an ultra-portable classic with a 1.6 GHz processor, a 8.9-inch screen and a rate in the amendment: $ 299.
An Ultra-portable ultra-cheap Laptop An Ultra-portable ultra-cheap Laptop Reviewed by Kaisar Woll on 11:59 AM Rating: 5

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