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To take care of you on an unusual gizmo and not to come across, while a hogger attention then the Asus G1S love. If you his extensive form factor in flashes can ignore this bling thing, then look no further. This is your chance, your hands on the first DirectX 10 games to get laptop.


The G1S has a property that is of such caliber is set, that this baby victim to the envious eyes covered. The Asus G1S based on the Santa Rosa platform with an Intel chipset PM965 and it is by a 2 gigahertz Duoprozessor of nuclear-2 driven.

This machine also boasts a future DX 10-capable Nvidia GeForce 8600M GT GPU. And there are 2 GB of RAM with 256 MB of dedicated graphics memory, your games on its LCD screen 1440x900 pixels to blow. He also has a sporty schauendes 1.3-megapixel webcam. The storage capacity is at 160 GBS quite acceptable and for external storage has a LightScribe-enabled DVD author. A PCMCIA slot, a multi-card reader, Steckfassungen for TV-out and audio Feuerwarndraht add his intransigent property record.

And that's not it! In a first for Laptope, you will also find an eSATA port and an HDMI output on the back wall plate.


The loud, polished exterior and flashy green lights on both sides of the cap make it look GI Joe-ish-ish. It is for our taste too loud, but some people like him away. The lights irritate painful to consider, but they can be disabled with in-built software. The keyboard is comfortable to use, and the colored W, A, S and D keys for FPS gamers congratulate the laptop. The smooth end of the body is impressive, but is being fingerprints and scratches empfindlilch, the rather uncomfortable to view. Unfortunately tends the screen, like a leaf to shake, in general, the hinges are not a strong point of the G1S. If you live in a job that miteinbezieht, field work, then you are much brighter in hope.


As a platform for this is an adequate level of the game enough. The scores are considering it, would that 6 fps in the FURCHT at 1440x900 with 2x AA, which is switched on, recommended, but not enough to wow a hardcore gamer identified.

Thanks to the generous amount of memory and dedicated graphics, this NotizbuchIST in a position to aids-hungry Windows Vista together with its Aero visual effects to handle. It away to exceed, in the LageSEIEND games in this climate to play is fairly decent. The whole performance of the Asus G1S is excellent. The G1S counted in 4788 PCMark test, for a laptop is recommended.

Review Asus G1S Review Asus G1S Reviewed by Kaisar Woll on 10:49 AM Rating: 5



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