HP Compaq Mini 311 on Nvidia ION: 1st test performance

If there is an ultraportable that is pending at this time, the Compaq Mini 311c offers a report configuration / attractive price for a model in Nvidia ION. The question is, if it shows up to expectations, what the initial performance tests provide some answers.

LaptopMag had the opportunity to test this ultraportable 11.6-inch and compare it to Netbooks but also models Culver.

The Compaq Mini 311c displays a score of 1917 points in PCMark05, about 500 points above the current average of Netbooks, the score most important being held by the Dell Latitude 2100 with 1697 points.

For now, this is rather conclusive. But the best is yet to come with the results in 3DMark06, which measures the performance charts. And then, the Compaq Mini 311c with its graphic part ION Geforce 9400M def flat sewing more than 1,200 points Netbooks with Intel GMA with its score of 1366 points!

The only netbook to beat this score is the Asus N10Jc with dedicated graphics card GeForce 9300M GS.

Compared to Culver, the Compaq Mini 311c is doing equally well from this point of view, since the MSI X-Slim X340 displays a score of 643 points and the Asus UL30 of 760 points. In other words, the Mini offers 311c under 3DMark06 score of around 500 points higher than the average ultraportable Culver.

The theoretical score is good but it is interesting to see what happens in practice. Again, the Compaq Mini 311c does not disappoint because through it, it is possible to read smoothly 1080p video via HDMI on a TV Samsung 32 "where the record via the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is very jerky.

Side video encoding, it is always good. While a Netbook classic takes about ½ hour to convert a 114 MB video in AVI in MPEG4, this operation takes only 6 minutes 14 seconds to Mini 311c, approximately 5 times less time! It is also more than 2 times faster than the average CULVER she moved 14 minutes 16 seconds.

To test the behavior of the Compaq Mini 311c in games, LaptopMag tried to run over Far Cry 2. In 1024 × 768, the ultraportable ION displays an average of 12 fps. It is certainly not 4 fps but still higher than the average ultraportable Culver. However, you can not do a complete test of the game in native resolution (1366 × 768). In any case, it would be probably possible to come to play with the Mini 311c under the Securities less greedy like Call of Duty 4.

It remains to be seen what impact has the Nvidia ION - part graph more greedy than the Intel GMA 500 and 950 - on the autonomy of the Compaq Mini 311c.

To learn more about the Compaq Mini 311c expected to 349 euros in France and why not order it towards this article.

HP Compaq Mini 311 on Nvidia ION: 1st test performance HP Compaq Mini 311 on Nvidia ION: 1st test performance Reviewed by Kaisar Woll on 4:22 PM Rating: 5

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