Process Library: Encyclopedia of the System Processes

How many of you, opening the Windows Task Manager, they thought "who the hell are all those processes running?", "Who the hell is this, mica is a virus?". Well I think in many, and demand is not only permitted it is also essential, because to know the active processes on your system and know which program depend on is important to avoid unpleasant surprises, perhaps trusting any program that installs on our computer one or more viruses and malware of various kinds. To know everything and know in detail the vast majority of system processes and drivers of the most popular there is a sort of online encyclopedia: Process Library.

With Process Library can indeed know and recognize almost all the active processes, just search the database of the website through the handy search bar and find all the necessary information, which is on the "criticality" of the process.
Another important peculiarity is the location of the site in Italian, which will allow everyone to find simple and understandable descriptions.

Process Library: Encyclopedia of the System Processes Process Library: Encyclopedia of the System Processes Reviewed by Kaisar Woll on 11:21 PM Rating: 5


  1. It is new version and interesting function we can be know that and used in this model give the good services.

  2. Database is to increase organization and access to library items. The software help in maximizing search capabilities for users, publicizing diverse resources of the library and minimizing physical, intellectual and time barriers.



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