Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Short Preview

The brand announced via his blog and the arrival next week of a new option called GPS Dell Wireless 700 location solution.

In fact, this solution is a GPS module integrates some Wi-Fi technology allows you to know where the netBook is located and operates both inside and outside. Depending on the situation, the embedded technology can determine the position or via the Wi-Fi, or via the GPS satellites.

The tracking system Dell Wireless 700 is accompanied by the CoPilot navigation software. With it, you can get maps in 2D and 3D, routes optimized, updated information (traffic, etc..) Along the way and save up to 50 addresses for a single trip.

A priori, this option Dell Wireless 700 would cost $ 70 and require that the user has previously opted for a HD screen (30 dollars). In total, it must pay a hundred dollars to enjoy the option of geolocation with GPS and Wi-Fi on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10.

This GPS was announced by Dell France but it seems that next week, the solution Dell Wireless 700 is only available overseas.

Since last week (see this article), it can however Dell France choose a TV tuner for the Mini 10. However, the option of 16 GB SSD is now available. Remains whether this is temporary or not.

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