Product test: Notebook Asus EEE PC 1000 HE

"What a long way since the Eee PC 701" .... That's what I said in receiving the EEE pc this morning. The PC Web has totally invaded the global electronics landscape through a weight / power / price ratio. So that the consumer must double its efforts to find the machine that suits him best. Between autonomy, design and comfort, we will see point by point what this new version offers the range of 10-inch Asus, where it represents a real evolution, but also those who are just a simple revision.

The 1000HE exterior

Machine closed, it does not distinguish 1000HE the other 1000 in the range of Asus. It is a big EEE PC 901, in fact rather large even for a 10-inch NETBOOK as can be seen here alongside the Lenovo S10.

The finish is identical to the other Eee PC, that is to say without more clean, simple plastic brilliant. Therefore damage to the allergic fingerprints. The lending model is black, and apart from the symbol EEE light gray machine knows to stay sober.

On one side we have taken the microphone and headphones, a USB port, a RJ45 port and the Kensington security system. On the other hand, the SD card reader, 2 USB ports VGA port, and the entry area.

So far, nothing new to put the tooth, the 1000 HE keeps trait related to previous versions of the brand. As you can see in this picture, apart from size, nothing distinguishes a EEE pc 1000 HE a EEE PC 901 (Thanks to Olivier for loaned me his 901 for the small photo)

But at the opening of the screen size of a surprise awaits us: the keyboard. Until now, the keyboard could be fun NETBOOK (Lenovo S10) or innovative (HP Mininote) but so far none had reproduced the keyboard giants Apple and Sony. It is done now. This new aesthetic is not only because it is devilishly effective.

Any input flow source with excellent cushioning keys, which are also of reasonable size. Good news for bloggers or writers inveterate travelers.

And since good news never comes alone, something else catches our attention. The label informing us of optimizing the device for a day of continuous use.
If the previous version boasts 7am to hold on, it is still better with a self-announced 9.30. Asus has certainly also heard the famous phrase now work more to earn more ... but we will have the opportunity to actually measure this autonomy.

Finally, we note the presence of the Webcam 1.3Mpx always placed in the same place. On the external appearance, here is a picture of the imposing 6-cell battery of 8700 mAh.

The 1000HE seen from the inside

As can easily be seen, the characteristics of the EEE PC 1000HE are very close to the 1000: the drive is increased to 160 GB, 1GB of RAM and the Atom processor at the head of all this. Finally there is any new Atom N280 rate at 1.66Ghz, more autonomous and more powerful than the previous version. And to direct a 945 GSE chipset.

We find more modules Wifi N, able to see the networks around the world, and a bluetooth module.

The 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 is still a high quality, well mixed. Mat treatment is effective. I liked the screen 901, it is in the same vein and will give you great satisfaction.

Besides the processor, therefore, there is no major internal changes in the architecture of EEEpc, it does not complain even though I am a little disappointed with so many similarities with his grandfather. Consider, for example, this tag aguicheuse "hybrid storage" I expected to see a MLC SSD for the system and a magnetic disk for storage ...

Well, this is just 10 GB of online storage ... Attention, the 10GB can be practical and the idea is good but it was already present in the EEEpc 901 and is not new.

Like other EEEpc, we find the StarOffice suite, which may (without problem) be replaced by OpenOffice, for mail, the rest distributed by Microsoft and Skype for communication

Super Hybrid Engine (default set of keys on a fast): This software allows you to change the frequency of the external processor (1 GHz, 1.6 GHz and 1.7 GHz), always practical to adjust or even power and thus the autonomy of device (even if I see any connection with a later hybrid).

Of the classic therefore EEEpc in XP Home version.

The start is 40 seconds, which is quite correct for a machine with HDD. The pause will take 7 seconds while the recovery will be 12 seconds, a time rather average.

One of the main arguments (if not the principal) of the EEE PC 1000 HE is the autonomy of pure camel race. According to Asus, the machine takes a full day of work from 9:30 am, a beautiful day. Of course, as Asus states, we can achieve this performance depending on the setting of the device.

To do this we will test different settings: a mode autonomy (machine eco mode, brightness at 30%, BT and WiFi off) and performance mode (so as to max brightness, WiFi on and Bt )

Economy mode:

Brightness 30% 100%
Wifi Off 8:45 7:30
On Wifi 7:30 6:45
Divx (Wifi Off) 6:45 6h

Performance mode:
With playback of Divx HD H264 with the brightness at 100% you get a reasonable score (yes with such data, it becomes difficult) 5h

You will understand, to reach almost autonomy promised by Asus will require compromises on power, the brightness and the non-connection. I am personally most of the time on machines configured as such, and I'm always happy, you can easily either:
• Hold a course for example, or a long plane journey while writing. The screen will remain visible but not very comfortable. Nevertheless sufficient for writing text
• hold a big part of a lecture trip to almost video you disgust
• a mix of these activities to have 2 or give the impression of being a person
Virtually Normal

From that side, the 1000 HE does not disappoint, on the contrary that autonomy alone can justify the purchase of this machine because it is convenient for many uses.

Now that we are placed in the operating performance, as much opportunity to see what this new Asus has in the belly.

First, the machine is responsive, applications launch quickly, 2-3 seconds to start the StarOffice suite. If there is a real difference in hardware between a 1000HE and his elder brother the 1000, especially in terms of processor speed and bus (and therefore memory), it is not evident in conventional use. Maybe you gain a few tenths of seconds here and there, but no real transformation.
For against, in the multimedia field is different because the media playback HD (h.264) without saccade is "out of box" without changing the player software, while retaining autonomy more than acceptable. From that moment, the fan is still out, but it remains quite discreet.

1000HE the player becomes a nomad HD, even if its resolution will not give the best of HD.
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  1. HP Mininote but so far none had reproduced the keyboard giants Apple and Sony. It is done now. This new aesthetic is not only because it is devilishly effective.



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